Thursday, July 4, 2013

Frank Palangi

Frank Palangi

Name: Frank Palangi

Sounds Like: Daughtry, Three Days Grace, Day of Fire, Godsmack, Creed

History: I'm a Upstate New York recording artist and songwriter. I write, and create my own tunes. Started more in 2006 when I decided to go solo. From there it grew and through trial and error I made my own recordings, learned bass, guitar, drums, singing, and started to heavily work on crafting my sound and style. In 2010 I met the Grammy nominated rock band Day Of Fire and I got to work with them on my first EP with their producer Rogers Masson in Nashville, TN. That really changed the field for me and raised the bar to what is expected when leaning more about the mainstream side of music and what labels expected. It was an awesome experience and put me on the right path. Came back from TN, and in 2012 I decided "I AM READY" to take things like never before. The reasoning behind my single "I AM READY" is one of motivation, passion and drive toward my life, and career in music. I teamed up with a new producer Rob Coates with this new EP I AM READY. I think I've really found my niche. Expanding my vocals, music, and ability to record parts on my own in home studio, really pushed me to be creative and think out side the box. "Boohoo" is a fan favorite that I took a chance on with a rock/country/alternative style for the track. Every song, every experience I'm growing and learning. I'm blessed to be making music and be on the road to building a career.

Something Special: I love film! In high I'd make fan films and originals films all the time from Batman, Halloween, etc. I love how music and film go together and with making music videos, being creative and learning things behind the camera.

Future Plans: I'm promoting my I AM READY EP out now on CD baby, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more. We are pitching the record, and trying to take things to the next level. "I have no plan B on backing down on my dreams".

UC Takeaway: "Don't overspend! Any advice I could give to an artist, watch your budget and be productive. Do your own marketing, social media, fan groups and advertising. Make sure someone is not just taking your money just to record you so you have a product. You want someone who likes your music, and sees vision. Stay focused and put your money in your focus." That advice comes your way from Mr. Frank Palangi. Here in the U.S., it's Independence Day, and what better way to spend it than talking about independent artists and the music they create! You should be proud to be independent and not just see it as the period of time before you get signed. But of course, being indie does require a certain responsibility of musicians. To go with the example Frank used, spending wisely and staying within your means can be difficult when you think just going a little bit further might put you on another level musically. Often times, however, independent careers last longer than the artists involved imagined going into them, and as with any business, you need to invest smartly - in this case, you just happen to be investing in yourself. So be smart about your choices, check out Frank Palangi, and embrace your time as an unsigned artist. Today of all days, you should be proud of your independent status! Happy 4th of July everyone!